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Record high for AUDUSD.. Again..

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Better than expected Aussie CPI sends AUDUSD to 1.0850.

At this rate it won’t be surprising to see AUD reaching 1.10 against the worthless piece of crap of a greenback.

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Week 3 .. Early Asian Session

April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Quiet as usual. Signals forming on the USDJPY and cable. Staying out however as spreads are still high, indicating low liquidity.


1) China’s inflation and cash reserve ratio on the rise again, experts say that will kill another US$54 B from the system. (source Bloomberg)

As PBOC has indicated intentions to appreciate the yuan further to combat the rising oil prices/import prices/inflation, I am really looking to short the USDCNY. However the spreads are SOOOOO HUGE.. 200 pips now.. Ugh.

2) Qaddafi is still as alive as ever as everyone on earth is thinking of ways to cut off his supply chain. With Saudi Arabia cutting oil production to 8.3M barrels from 9.1M a day in March, oil is still expected to increase further.

Word around is that oil is riding on market sentiment and until Qaddafi is subdued, oil prices will not cease to be volatile. Tell that to the cab driver who charged me 50c for fuel surcharge yesterday.

3) From the econ calendar, looks like its gonna be a pretty mild week. Couple of CPI reports and home/retail sales reports to be released during the week. Good Friday will be a market holiday.

As usual, looking to bank in some pips. Stick to the plan, execute and protect my pips.

Peace out..


Cash rates for major economies

April 11, 2011 Leave a comment


Came across this in my iphone trade interceptor app. Thought i’d upload it as a way of testing my wordpress app as well.