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Pilot month fund analysis

May 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Long over due analysis of Shinka #1 fund (EMA 62 strategy) for month of April 2011.

After some reconciliation from Oanda’s statements (Shinka #1 fund inception date is 4 April and hence trades made before should be excluded):


Total pips made:           178.6

Total Trades made:      28

Losers:                        11 (39%)

Return on equity:         Approximate 17.8% (10 times leverage)

Performance of pairs:

AUD/USD (74 pips; 5 trades)

AUD/JPY (52 pips; 3 trades)

EUR/JPY (49 pips; 9 trades)

EUR/USD (18 pips; 3 trades)

GBP/JPY (9 pips; 2 trades)

USD/JPY (3 pips; 4 trades)

GBP/USD (-5 pips; 1 trade)

USD/CHF (-21 pips; 1 trade)


Performance in $ is not presented as during the pilot phase I traded with odd lots initially.

However for month 2 all trades are executed on a strict 10X leverage (i.e. position size = 10 times of equity) , 2~3% maximum risk per trade basis.

Contemplating starting a Shinka #2 fund based on MACD. When things mellow in my crappy day job I will do some proper analysis to ensure feasibility and establish some parameters.

Not a spectacular performance, but I know a 10% return compounded monthly will bring about approx  300% return on equity in a year.

Not many known funds bring such returns no matter rain or shine.


April Account Statements are out!

May 5, 2011 Leave a comment

All riggghhhtttt official results are out! Simply love the analysis that Oanda does.

Shall convert some data to pips and post it later when I get to work.

Out of ALL the pairs I’ve traded, only 3 were profitable??? This calls for some serious analysis man.

Wanna know which 3? Stay tuned~


Not so Good Friday..

April 22, 2011 2 comments

Cut short my trading week by 1 day. Anyway it has been a pretty hectic week in trading. Week opened with 3 consecutive losing trades and subsequent consecutive wins until Thursday.

Roller coaster, they say. So long as you have a iron-clad risk management policy in place, you will definitely enjoy your ride.

Did a brief re-run of my past 3 weeks trade data and discovered the below:

Findings: There were 2 EURJPY trades (losses)>2% of account.

Explanation: I had not factored spreads into the stop loss. I.e. 20 pip stop loss = 2%, add in 2 pip spread becomes 22 pips and risk is out of proportion.

This is why you need to do a regular review of your trades whereby you will spot anomalies as such.

Will have a proper look at the data over the weekend.

Since today is essentially a trading holiday, I’m gonna take this opportunity to accomplish more on my day job.