Shinka Mini-FX Funds

Fund 1:  Shinka #1

Strategy: Trend following

Timeframe: 15 mins


Indicators needed:

1) Short EMA (can be anything)

2) EMA 62 (vital)

3) EMA 144 (for assessment of stop loss)

Entry signals:

1) When price begins to trend, i.e. shorter EMA crosses EMA 62, get ready to enter a trade.

2) When price retraces back to EMA 62, wait for stochastics to crossover and candle to close. Based on candlestick pattern and stochastics, if reversal is imminent, enter a trade.

3) Target profit, previous swing high, keeping in mind the major  support and resistance levels.

4) Stop loss at approx 25 pips or below EMA 144.

5) Trail stop by 35 pips.

Position size: 10 times of equity at all times.

Credits: Rob booker, creator of 5/13/62 EMA trading strategy

Fund 2:  ShinkaFlow

Strategy: Trend following but price bias.

Timeframe: No timeframe as it is price bias.


Indicators needed:

1) Candlestick chart

2) According to Mr. FxFlow (Boris Schlossberg), that’s all you need.

Personally I find the chart space too big so I still put up a MACD (standard parameters) just to gauge the momentum of the price.

Entry signals:

1) Get excited when price hovers around the round number resistance level 00, e.g. 1.4120 or 1.4080.

2) Setup limit orders for flow scalps. If price is near 00, set up a Buy order above @ 1.4150 and a Sell order below @ 1.4050.

3) Target profit : 25 pips

4) Stop loss: 50 pips

Position size: I like to keep my risk within acceptable limits (~3%), so I trade only 5 times equity.


For visuals, please refer to the tags. For each trade posted, I will either tag ShinkaFlow or Shinka#1 to indicate which fund it belongs to.

Oh and did I mention I only trade EURUSD, AUDUSD and GBPUSD. I have quit yen crosses for good.

Cheers and may the pips be with you.

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