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The day where you get what you wish for…

Hat trick

Trade 1: Early Asian session

Trade 2: Mid Asian session (after lunch)

Trade 3: Did not trade this live but was itching inside, hence I demo-ed it. And it turned out to be successful as well. (Green Box)

EMA 62 held up twice , however I did not make any trades via Shinka#1 strategy. As it turned out, it was a ranging day and the eurodollar just bounced up and down within a 75 pip range, making flowscalping a breeze.

Times like that, going with the flow helps. I realised that to increase probability of success, always be waiting in the direction of the flow. i.e. after TP is hit and price reverses, I will not re-enter again @ 50 unless price returns to the 00.

This train of thought is displayed in Trade 2. (and also Trade 3).

So far my demo account has recorded 8/9 successful flow scalps. The 1 failure being a trade taken on the cable which was merely for fun, peace and laughter. That has allowed my demo to rebounce from a drawdown of -5% to almost 10% gains.

Demo vs Live

What am I doing differently in demo you might ask.

1) I typically trade @ 10 times leverage, i.e. equity x 10 = position traded. But for flowscalp, since the stop loss is 50, I have to half my position to manage my risk per trade.

2) Risk is 50 pips which is 5% of demo account (RED ALERT); on my live account I trade @ 5 times leverage which keeps my risk within 3% of my equity.

3) After I make 25 pips on my live account, I have the tendency to stop for the day. I will only take another trade IF the fundamentals and technicals align. For my demo, well.. I just keep making trades.

At the moment whatever I trade live, I trade on my demo as well. (with the exception that I do not think so much when I setup for a trade in my demo account).

This is my little experiment to see which performs better after 1 month. 🙂

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