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GBPUSD 5 mins trading signal

As you already know by now, valid signals present themselves in many forms and pairs throughout the day. Likewise the above holds true.

However as it is post London/Europe and only NY is awake now, liquidity is thin and hence it signals time for bed.

If this presented itself in another time during the day, I would set Stop Loss below 1.6360 (SMA200) and Target Profit @ 1.6420, R:R approximately 1:2~

Often when opportunities are THAT good and you feel that you MUST enter, it means it is time to switch off your computer screen and go to bed.

Hypothetically (in a perfect world), I risked a million bucks on this trade. Will I wake up twice as rich? We’ll see in the morning..

Subsequent Update


Unfortunately in the hypothetical world my stop loss would have been triggered as the cable went downhill overnight.

Thanks to a robust risk management system I have yet again averted a potential loss and lived to fight another battle.

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