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EURJPY 5 mins (+12 pips)


Price in trade zone – Check

MACD decreasing – Check

Stochastics crossover- Check.

Trade entered, full stop.

Subsequent update

Premature exit

1) I clicked too fast and entered 1.5 times what I was supposed to enter.

2) Japan earthquake (6.3 magnitude)

EURJPY was really whipping like a mad bull on steriods. From my Oanda Iphone app, 1 minute I’m up 5 pips, 1 minute down 3 pips.

Anyway as you can see by the 2 blue arrows, first i exited 0.5 to readjust my risk. Then after learning about the quake, I ran for cover @ +10 pips.

Total gain from trade: 12 pips. Celebrate all wins no matter how small the victory.

Next up UK CPI. More trade opportunities to come.

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