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AUDJPY 5 mins (+5 pips)

Entry triggered

Stop loss @ 89.48

Profit Target @ 89.95

R:R 1 to 2. Pretty good conditions apart from the premature MACD.

Will we get the late rally to 90? With major economic releases out of the way, its a clear road now. Go AUD bulls!

Subsequent Update

Stopped out

So……. its times like that that make you wanna kill yourself. ALMOST hit TP which was 30 pips. ANYWAYS, I decided to run a trail stop as I went for dinner with another passionate aspiring trader.

Final profit, +5 pips after 4 long hours. Tough trade this one. Makes you feel that the upward momentum seems to be waning.

Came across an idea that the reason that currently USD bears are running amock is due to the rising oil prices. The lower the dollar, the higher the oil price. And the higher the oil price, the faster the oil producers are converting them into EUR/AUD/GBP like a cheap knockout sale.

AUDUSD currently registering all time high of 1.054. There’s no stopping this even though the RBA has already signaled they will no longer be increasing interest rates in the short run. Kind of makes the oil story more believable.


Oh well, battle won none the less. 1 more ‘successful-cud-have-been-25-pipper’ trade added to my trade history.

Celebrate your wins no matter how small. Mourn your losses and move on.

Cheers to a pretty good first week of my 6 month plan (23 more weeks to go).

Will run back-end analysis over the weekend.

Off to enjoy whats left of my Friday night.

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